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Feb 23

Cats are Like Running Water

When you want to change the route of running water, the easiest way to do it is to give it an easier path. So your chances of re-routing success are much greater when you dig a trench than when you build a wall.

Today Nacho and Kookoo were arguing (Kookoo is infamous for her incendiary stink-eye) and I started thinking that cats are like running water. Instead of hollaring at them to give it a break, I opened a drawer that has fun stuff in it. Nacho beat it for the drawer and started poking around in it, forgetting about bugging Kookoo. And Kookoo went about her usual business of sleeping.

I think if your cat is doing something you don’t want him to do, telling him “no” is like building a wall to keep out water. He will keep at it until the wall starts to wear and you’re going to run out of fingers before he gives up. (Personally, I can’t take repetitive negativity either.) But give him an easier path in the form of something better to do. Peak his curiosity and he’ll drop the unwanted activity. And you get to be the fun provider, not the bad guy.

This technique is not guaranteed, but worth trying out on co-workers, children and significant others.


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