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Feb 21

It’s the Whitey Show

Starring Whitey as the Man Eating Tigress and Elaine Hewlett as the Fearless Trainer!

Video production by LaughingCat. That’s me!

And if you’d like Elaine to train you (to dance, ya silly) visit The Rhythm Room. Elaine gives the best dance lessons in Dallas.


Jan 15

Mayya Panfilova and her Trained House Cats

I recently saw Mayya Panfilova perform in Dallas as a guest of our fantastic Fanny Kerwich’s French circus gone Texan, Lone Star Circus. The entire show was incredible, but for me, Mayya was THE cat’s meow. During her act, impossibly, each cat runs to her, does his performance, gets a treat and returns to her partner. Many of her cats are even rescues. Just see her for yourself:

How does Mayya train her cats? With tons of love, patience, treats and two training times a day. The Skinny on Cats gives her two claws up!


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