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Jan 23

Not a Kitty Cat, but the Heppest Hep Cat You’ll Ever See!

In celebration of The Skinny on Cats first recognized Caturday ever, I am dedicating mine to all hep cats! So join me on TSOC’s HepCaturday!

The heppest hep cat ever, Cabell “Cab” Calloway III (December 25, 1907 – November 18, 1994) was an American big bandleader. His scat style of singing and energetic dancing while on the bandstand is unlike any other big band leader ever. The Skinny on Cats gives two claws up and a hi dee ho to his hi dee highness, Cab Calloway!

The following video is rough quality, but it’s got Cab band leading and dancing with an animated cat and a very cute mini-Cab hep cat to the “Hepster’s Dictionary”. He’s going to let you know exactly what a hep cat is! (Any one know of a better quality video, send it my way, please!) GOOD LORD, SWING IT, FELLAHS!

This rare footage is from “Sensations 1945” and posted by TheHideHoMan.

And here’s Cab with another set of super hep cats (and my dancing heros), the Nicholas Brothers. Cab’s going to sing, the orchestra’s going to swing, then Fayard and Harold are going to jump up out of the supper club, dance on the tables, do a bit with Cab, then dance ON Cab’s orchestra and finish off with signature splits that will blow your mind! SHOUT OUT TO THE HEP CATS AND JIVE!

This stellar footage is from “Stormy Weather” and posted by laughland.

Ironically, I just realized my earlier post was about keeping cats off the counter. Obviously some cats belong ON the counter… and on the tables and chairs and bandstands!!


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