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Aug 19

Simon’s Cat Goodies!

simon's cat birdhouse cartoonSimon’s put up some new downloadable free stuff just for y’all on his site. There are I heart Simon’s Cat badges, wallpapers, animated gifs like that one ———>
and the good old standby, Simon’s Cat cut out, stand up thingie. It’s just like having Simon’s Cat in your own home!

If you extra heart Simon’s Cat, and I mean really lurve him, you can also fan him on facebook. His other fans have posted up lots of cute cat shots and you might find the “Sometimes I play my cat like a guitar” group.

If you don’t know Simon Tofield yet, you should. He’s an English animator who has four cats. He draws every frame of his animations by hand…manual tweening, baby! Simon also does the sounds and works with a sound engineer named Shrooty. That all for now, but there’s plenty more at SimonsCat.com.

Oops! I almost forgot! Don’t miss my old post on the Simon’s Cat iphone app, Purrrfect Pitch.


Mar 02

…And While We’re on the Subject of Simon’s Cat…

I don’t have an iPhone, but this app looks so awesome it makes me want to run out and get one. It’s Simon’s Cat Purrfect Pitch! It turns out you can play and make up tunes on it and Simon’s cat will meow them back to you! It’s just $2 from the iTunes Store and it gets good reviews.

simon's cat iphone app

You can visit the Purrfect Pitch page on Simon’s Cat site to learn more and then pop over to the iTunes store.


Mar 01

Simon’s Cat – TV Dinner

Did Simon just sneak into my house and video Mark and Raffa? (I just saw this happen in person and then again 5 minutes later on YouTube.)

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