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Apr 01

Kinda Scary, Pretty Beautiful Cat Who Walked by Herself

An animated Russian version of the Rudyard Kipling story The Cat Who Walked by Himself. I like that in this version it’s the cat telling the story to the child.

Give it a while to load, it’s an hour long animation, but totally worth the wait. Plus the woman who does the voice-over has quite a nice voice.

The video above was posted to google video by Niffiwan, but you can find many more posts like this on Niffiwan’s YouTube channel.


Jan 16

The Cat Who Walked by Himself

A kitty tale by Rudyard Kipling as read by Tim Bulkeley. The story goes that this is the opinion of 3 out of 5 men on cats. I love this story because Rudyard Kipling addresses the reader as “Best Beloved” and because Tim Bulkeley’s voices are hilarious, especially wild horse and wild cat. And, of course, because if you are accepted by a cat, you know you’re good people.

Many thanks to Internet Archive’s Open Source Audio for this audio clip.


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