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Jan 13

How Long Do Cats Live?

In college I had a neighbor who was a first-time cat owner, She had a sweet little 4 or 5 year old Persian cat. She asked me how long I thought her cat would live, so I told her about 15 years plus if she took good care of her. Surprisingly, she became pretty upset. It turned out she had only owned gerbils prior to her cat and her expectations based on her gerbil experiences was that the cat would only live about 2-4 years. She hadn’t done the proper research into cat owning and had not planned on a time commitment to the animal. Close to graduation, she was wondering what to do with the cat when she moved. While this seems like the typical dingy blond situation (she sorta was), please remember, that when you take on ownership of any pet, your pet is dependent on you for care and sustenance and love. Realize that a pet is a joy AND a responsibility, and often very much like a child.

So, if you are considering adopting a cat or purchasing through a breeder, just remember that living with a cat or many cats (or dogs, ferrets, ponies or what-have-you) is pretty simple and straight forward, AND very fun and rewarding. But do your homework and no matter what type of animal you choose, think about the level of commitment you can deal with and take your pet ownership seriously.


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