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Feb 15

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

In Utah is one of the largest and most dedicated no kill animal sanctuaries in the US, Best Friends Animal Society. This year is their 25th anniversary. From the onset, their goal has been to stop senseless killing of unwanted animals through loving shelter, adoption programs, community outreach, disaster assistance and trap-neuter-release programs.

“Best Friends’ No More Homeless Pets campaign created a new vision: A grassroots effort to place dogs and cats who were considered “unadoptable” into good homes, and to reduce the number of unwanted pets through effective spay and neuter programs.” –BestFriends.org About Us

On an average day, Best Friends Animal Society provides shelter for between 1,700 and 2,000 animals including cats, dogs, bunnies, pigs, horses, birds and even wild animals. Most are able to be adopted to loving homes, but even those who aren’t able to be adopted are giving loving care for the rest of their lives at Best Friends.

Of course, I love all animals, but there’s a special place at Best Friends called Cat World. Cat World has protected outdoor “catios” with lots of climbing toys to keep the cats active and entertained and indoor rooms with shelves to climb and recline on, bright and cheery windowsills, and nappietime cubbie holes. (I dream of building my babies a special catio of their own!)

The Skinny on Cats gives dew claws up to these hard working animal lovers who are striving to make a giant difference in peoples and animals lives. Thank you, Best Friends. And I agree, ADOPT DON’T SHOP!

It’s come to my attention that the video player in the embedded videos above don’t work in Safari. So you might switch to FireFox to see this blog as it was intended or you can click the links below to watch the videos on Best Friend’s site.

Video: Best Friends Intro

Video: Unadoptable? We Don’t Think So

Video: Welcome to Cat World


Jan 29

How to Find a Reputable Cat Breeder

First, a word from our sponsor… If you are thinking about getting a kitten, why not adopt a cat or kitten from your local animal shelter. Every year beautiful and well-behaved animals, deserving of homes are put to sleep in shelters across the country because there are not enough funds to maintain abandoned animals. Here in Dallas we have the wonderful DFW Humane Society and in Carrolton, Operation Kindness. (I’ll offer a complete list of DFW no-kills next week.) Meanwhile just google “no-kill animal shelter” with your city name and you’ll find shelters a-plenty.

But if you really want to go to a breeder, please, please, please assure that you are purchasing from a good reputable breeder. (Of course the following advice goes for puppies, too.)

A reputable breeder is feels a responsibility toward the breed, the cats he or she breeds, and to the families who choose to purchase a kitten from their cattery. Support after placement shows the breeder cares deeply about what he or she is doing, and provides the breeder happiness through satisfaction of knowing that kittens from their cattery have gone to loving homes as family members.

When choosing a breeder, make sure you get references of people they have sold to, make sure the kitten arrived healthy and is well socialized. Reputable breeders should provide a health warranty for a minimum of a week after the kitten leaves for its new home, it is also advisable to have the kitten checked by your vet for your own peace of mind.

Ask if they can provide pictures of their cattery, so you can see how they keep their breeding cats. Also ask if the kittens are raised in the home, if so, ask for pictures in the home with the kittens. Kittens should have been raised in a clean environment where the cats are comfortable, well-fed, handled frequently, are healthy and are raised with love.

What should you expect from a breeder?

  1. Cleanliness. Animals and environment should be clean, un-kept adults on site is a sign of neglect.
  2. Attitude. Healthy, happy and well-cared for kittens are bright-eyed, energetic, curious and playful. Adult cats on site should be friendly and look healthy and well cared for.
  3. Behavior. Unhealthy or injured kittens will usually behave differently than the rest of the litter. A reputable breeder will take notice of this and not offer for placement an animal that is sick or hurt. A reputable breeder will be able to tell you something about each kitten and how it interacts in the litter and acts away from the litter. A breeder that knows each kitten’s personality, is a breeder who has spent a lot of time socializing and interacting with his or her litters.
  4. Information. A reputable, responsible breeder will supply a pedigree, not just show a display of pedigree and awards their cats have obtained. A breeder will give you written feeding instructions and hand outs covering your new pet’s care. You should also be given the kitten’s immunization records, including the dates and types of vaccines used, worming and other pertinent medical info. (Check with your vet to assure that he will accept vaccination records from the breeder, some vets do not.)
  5. References. Ask for a list of others who have cats from the breeder. A breeder with a good reputation will gladly give you several contacts. As well ask for references from other breeders of the same breed, in other words, peers of the breeder you intend to purchase from.
  6. Written Contracts. The written contract should be reviewed and explained in depth. Be sure to go over the terms of the contract and ask questions. Often breeders misuse the word guarantee in place of warranty. Be sure that you are getting a warranty. No one can guarantee you health and temperament.
  7. Some breeders will only provide registration applications after all fees have been paid, and/or spaying/neutering is proven, etc. This depends upon the contract and the breeder and is perfectly reasonable and legal. This just assures that owners hold up their end of the bargain and don’t contribute to the over-population problem.
  8. A reputable breeder will allow some time (min. 48 hours to 10 days) for return of kitten/cat, in the same condition as time of sale, for any reason with full refund of purchase price. This allows you time to have your kitten examined by your own vet. Also know, remember a reputable breeder will take back any cat for any reason regardless of age. You may not receive a refund if it is determined you are the cause of the reason for return.

Online services like CatterySearch.com contain large databases and searching tools for finding good breeders. Most importantly, do your home work on the breeder you choose. If you can, visit their cattery, if any thing seems uncomfortable or strange or unkempt in talking to the breeder or seeing the cattery, do not purchase a kitten from them.

Cattery Search - Free international cat breeders directory with all breeds represented. Search for a cattery by breed, location, breeder name, cattery name.


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