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Feb 18

Rock On Keyboard Cat

My Three Keyboard Cat Moon t-shirt came from threadless yesterday and is it beautiful?!?!?! HELLS YES! And it really made me want to call in Fatso for a command performance.

Take it away, Keyboard Cat, may you rock on forever and ever!

And a little slide show of Fatso, her sisters, a sombrero and Charlie, he’s really our kinda cat lover!

The original Keyboard Cat video and Fatso slideshow posted by Charlie Schimdt.

Find more crazy Charlie Schmidt stuff on his web site and Charlie’s Keyboard Cat store, he’s got some fine and juicy cat artwork and even more t-shirts. His Keyboard Cat poster is my favorite and it’s available at his store too!


Feb 11

Three Keyboard Cat Moon T-shirt Reprint

Holy-moley!!! It’s the beautiful, beautiful hybrid; Three Keyboard Cat Moon! AND it’s been REPRINTED! YESSS!! Threadless, I sooooo heart you! Hard to believe that only $20 can purchase so much joy. Play me off from your heavenly moonscape, Keyboard Cat!

three keyboard cat moon tshirt from threadless

Click image above to buy tshirt from threadless or click here to shop all of threadless’ awesome tshirt designs.

Unfamiliar with Keyboard Cat and/or Play Him Off? Check out Rocketboom’s expert breakdown of the subjects:

Never seen Three Wolf Moon?
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