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Jun 30

Meet The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee!

Just in! We got a newsletter from our pals at Kitty Wigs about The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee and I’m about to die from extreme CUTENESS!!

The gal at the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee fosters those teensy kitties who aren’t old enough to go into adoption programs yet, the newborns to 8 weeks old fellers. She gets them ready to go into programs and on to their forever homes! (Having done this in the past, I know how hard it is to bottle raise babies and send them on; it’s fun, difficult, heart wrenching and rewarding. But not as heart wrenching if you decide to keep two or three…or five.) And she uses her fab photo skills to highlight and blog about her tiny charges. How awesome!

Turns out The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee is smack dab in the middle of their 2010 IBKC annual fund raising event for the Tacoma/Pierce County Humane Society in Washington.

Itty Bitty Kitty Committee Fundraising Headquarters

So as they say, “Operators are standing by!” Pop over to the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, check out their cute photos, give them a little juice if you’re so inclined (Looks to me like Clement could use another teeny-tiny cup of coffee!) and don’t forget your local charities. Shelters and rescue centers everywhere can always use a helping hand in the form of monetary donations, supplies and volunteer time.


Apr 02

Ellen the Generous and Cat and Dog Stamps

Here’s something cool I found at the post office today, stamps with really cute photos of dogs and cats that help buy food for shelter pets. In celebration of Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet stamps, the USPS, together with Ellen DeGeneres and Halo: Purely for Pets, is giving shelter pets around the country a very decent meal.

The stamps are available for pre-order right now on StampsToTheRescue.com and go on sale at the post office April 30, 2010.

stamps to the rescue shelter campaign

During the launch of the stamps, Halo will be donating a million meals to animal shelters around the country. The program is supported by Ellen Degeneres, HALO pet food, PetFinder.com, American Humane, AdoptAPetGifts.com and The Humane Society of the United States.

Buy some stamps for yourself, buy some stamps for a friend, but mostly buy some stamps for shelter animals… they can really use a good meal!


Feb 28

Lessons from Nikita and the Funny Cats of Big Cat Rescue in Florida

Curiosity never killed anything, except maybe a few hours.
Variety is the spice of life: one day ignore people, the next day annoy them.
Climb your way to the top, that’s why the drapes are there.
When eating out, think nothing of sending back your meal twenty or thirty times.
When in doubt, cop an attitude.
Make your mark in the world, or at least spray in each corner.
Always give generously, a small bird or rodent left on the bed tells them “I care” .

For more lessons from Nikita (it’s a really touching story) click here.

For more Big Cat Video subscribe to BigCatRescue.

“Big Cat Rescue, a non profit educational sanctuary, is devoted to rescuing and providing a permanent home for exotic (i.e. wild, not domestic) cats who have been abused, abandoned, bred to be pets, retired from performing acts, or saved from being slaughtered for fur coats, and to educating the public about these animals and the issues facing them in captivity and in the wild.

The sanctuary is home to the most diverse population of exotic cats in the world, with 16 species and subspecies of wild cat represented among more than 100 residents. These include tigers, lions, a liger, leopards, cougars, bobcats, lynx, ocelots, servals, caracals and others, many of whom are threatened, endangered, or now extinct in the wild.” (From Big Cat Rescue’s Mission Statement.)

Learn about Big Cat Rescue and how you can help these gorgeous animals. Or donate here.


Feb 15

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

In Utah is one of the largest and most dedicated no kill animal sanctuaries in the US, Best Friends Animal Society. This year is their 25th anniversary. From the onset, their goal has been to stop senseless killing of unwanted animals through loving shelter, adoption programs, community outreach, disaster assistance and trap-neuter-release programs.

“Best Friends’ No More Homeless Pets campaign created a new vision: A grassroots effort to place dogs and cats who were considered “unadoptable” into good homes, and to reduce the number of unwanted pets through effective spay and neuter programs.” –BestFriends.org About Us

On an average day, Best Friends Animal Society provides shelter for between 1,700 and 2,000 animals including cats, dogs, bunnies, pigs, horses, birds and even wild animals. Most are able to be adopted to loving homes, but even those who aren’t able to be adopted are giving loving care for the rest of their lives at Best Friends.

Of course, I love all animals, but there’s a special place at Best Friends called Cat World. Cat World has protected outdoor “catios” with lots of climbing toys to keep the cats active and entertained and indoor rooms with shelves to climb and recline on, bright and cheery windowsills, and nappietime cubbie holes. (I dream of building my babies a special catio of their own!)

The Skinny on Cats gives dew claws up to these hard working animal lovers who are striving to make a giant difference in peoples and animals lives. Thank you, Best Friends. And I agree, ADOPT DON’T SHOP!

It’s come to my attention that the video player in the embedded videos above don’t work in Safari. So you might switch to FireFox to see this blog as it was intended or you can click the links below to watch the videos on Best Friend’s site.

Video: Best Friends Intro

Video: Unadoptable? We Don’t Think So

Video: Welcome to Cat World


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