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Jan 23

Training the Cat to Stay off the Counter

Simple enough, keep food and interesting things off the counter and table. (Alot of my cat training ideas are actually about modifying your own behavior. I don’t like constantly yelling “no” at animals or people.) Anything tasty should be off of the counter or table and put away unless you are in the room. For your own health, food should never be left out on the counter at room temperature anyway. Bacteria will begin to grow on food at temperatures as low as 41 degrees F.

If “toys” are cluttering the counter – pens, paper, bags, boxes, etc., put them away and put more interesting cat toys on the floor. Do you have a plant on the counter the cat is trying to eat? Try to put it somewhere out of the cat’s reach or remove it all together. (Remember, some plants can be poisonous. For example, my cats are driven to eat rose and lily leaves, which make them vomit right away. So, if I get these flowers, I figured out that I can still keep them if I make sure to trim and discard all the leaves.)

If your cat is trying to look out a window near the counter, close the curtains or pull down the shade and give him a better view elsewhere by placing a window perch where you would like him to sit or by positioning a couch or chair by a window he can look out. On a nice day, an open window is even better, screened of course.

Use common sense, put yourself in your cat’s place. If he goes somewhere you don’t want him to go, give him something else more desirable and reduce all interest in the unwanted area. A cardboard box and dry catnip can work wonders.


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