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Dec 24

Cats Making Like Pin Ups

Ooooh, kitties!! (click for more on tumblr)

cats as pin up girls on tumblr


Feb 21

It’s the Whitey Show

Starring Whitey as the Man Eating Tigress and Elaine Hewlett as the Fearless Trainer!

Video production by LaughingCat. That’s me!

And if you’d like Elaine to train you (to dance, ya silly) visit The Rhythm Room. Elaine gives the best dance lessons in Dallas.


Feb 13

Now You’re Really Sending Me, Jackson!!

It’s HepCaturday and boy are you corny, you act like a square at the fair, a goon from Sascatoon, you come on like a broken arm… Get your boots laced, Buddy! Hop on up in those dickty drapes, Brother, and get hep to the jive!

Lots and lots of T&J goodness posted by GoldenCollectionTnJ.


Feb 06

It’s HepCaturday! All Hail Dungaree Dolly’s Bags for Swinging Kittens and Style Divas

Dear Dungaree Dolly,
I LURVE YOU!! Your bags, so cute and useful! Your contrasting combos, so hipalicious! Your sense of style and shape, so gloriamorous! Your choice of fabrics, so fabtastic! I swoon as I cast my eyes upon your lovely handbag collections. (Fellahs, boyfriends and husbands – these beauties would make any cat lover leap for joy should she receive one as a gift this Valentine’s Day, or any day. They are dead gorgeous!)

this cute leopard print bag will make any cat lover purr with delight
Dungaree Dolly’s Socialite Leopard Print Bag (with shiny pink lining) is the kitten’s whiskers!

DD, you have created a billion bags I want from bamboo handled hand bags, sweet little shoulder bags and make up bags to messengers and weekenders, and all are available in cheetah and leopard print! (Among a jillion other cute choices like zebra, asian, Day of the Dead, tattoo and 50’s atomic and floral prints – see her fabric choices here.)

You even have gorgeous diaper bags for super hip moms! And retro Rosie the Riveter scarves that are a great throw-on accessory.

Not to mention, the fact that Dolly’s pin up models are the ever so cutest kittens you’ve seen since my post on Miss Adelaide and her Alley Kittens.

It sure seems like handbag heaven at the Dungaree Dolly Factory.

DD, The Skinny on Cats gives you dew claws up!!

click here to see everything dungaree dolly has to offer


Jan 30

Top Flight Hep Cats

It’s Hep Caturday so just dislocate your dream box while the cats frisk their whiskers and you can be a top flight hep cat, too! Solid!

This mezz production is from “Groovie Movie” and posted by avorobjovs.


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