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Jan 02

Space Cat!

Check out space cat on retronaut.

space cat illustrations by paul galdone


Jan 13

Hey There, Fancy Cat Pants!!

I don’t even have a proper category for this piece of work.
Really Fance Cat Pants


Jun 21


There’s nothing better than a nice cup of cappuccino….EXCEPT THIS!!!
cat in cappuccino foam
Holy-moley, that’s some good stuff!!

(If this is your photo, please contact me or comment, I’d like to credit you.)


Jun 17

Cat vs. Human Discovery

yasmine's comic, kitten vs. dinosaur

Yasmine says, “I live in the Bay Area. Rainbows and glitter bloom from my front yard. I draw stuff for a living. I like cats.”

Her mom says, “Is this all you do? Draw cats and eat Cheetos!? ”

Her husband says, “Six cats are the limit! That’s it. I mean it!”

The Skinny on Cats says, “Yasmine is freaking cool! Her cats kick Garfield’s butt all over town!….oh and mmmmm, bacon…..”

Way more funnies on Yasmine’s blog, Cat vs. Human.


Feb 27

Funny Gift for a Cat Lover

This print of 100 cats and a mouse is particularly funny. I’m posting it on my Dad’s birthday. He liked a good joke. (Did you hear the one about the pirate who walks into a bar with the steering wheel in the front of his pants?) …anyway, this would be a great gift for the kitteh loving comedian.

Buy at
100 Cats and a Mouse
32×40 Fine …
Buy From


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