cats make great dinner guests
Who said this was a table for two?

Hi, I’m Leslie (aka LaughingCat). I’m a serial cat owner. I’ve spent my entire life in the company of at least one, if not several, cats as well as an assortment of other pets. As a baby I shared mashed peas with a white Short-hair named Cricket. And as a little girl spent good times dressing my very patient grey Persian, Tigger, in Raggedy Ann and Andy’s clothes. (Cats are WAY better than dolls!) At 9 years old, I prayed in vain, begging to keep my black Siamese Sue-Ling from going to Heaven. (And dang it, that story still makes me cry.)

Since then, I’ve rescued scabby strays, found new homes and attempted to trap punk-a** feral toms.  (Come on, Houdini, I only want to get you fixed!) If I’m sad or sick, somehow my cats always know when I can use their company. Even when I think I don’t need company, they know when I do. I am a strong supporter of pet rescue programs and adopting a cat or kitten from a shelter and spaying and neutering. I participate in T-N-R (Trap Neuter Release) of feral cats. But I am also fascinated by the science of breeding and genetics.

My cats have names like Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassidy, Toothbrush Jones, Miss Melanie, and Maynard Krebs. (Of course all of my cats have three different names…or more.) My Cheshire Tabby, Every Bob Wallace, supervisor and inspiration for my graphic design company logo, is sitting here with me right in front of the monitor. But really? Who cares about me? This is about the cats. So let’s do the roll call…Bob? merrrp! Francine? maaooo… Kookla? WAAAAH! Nacho, Mangu and Raffa? zzzzzzzzzzz… Maynard? meep. Pinkie? Yo, Pinks! (She’s the silent but deadly type.) Toothbrush Jones? mew-me-mew-mew-mew-mew! All present and accounted for? Well let’s get down to some Felis silvestris catus!

(And I don’t care what anyone says, cats do come when you call them. If you know one that doesn’t, maybe you’re just not calling him by the right name.  😉 )

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